Pre- School Safety and Outings Policy

The safety of young children is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the safety of both children and adults, Morning Glory Pre-school will ensure that:

  • A book is available at each session for the reporting of any accident/incident
  • Fire drills are held at least once a term. A correctly stocked first aid box is available at all times.
  • Fire extinguishers are checked annually and staff is trained on how to use them.
  • Smoke alarms are installed and batteries checked regularly.
  • Activities such as cooking, woodwork and energetic play receive close and constant supervision.
  • Outdoor space is securely fenced.
  • Equipment is checked regularly and any dangerous items repaired/discarded.
  • Fire doors are never obstructed. o Fires/heaters/electric points/wires and leads are adequately guarded.
  • All dangerous materials, including medicines and cleaning materials are kept out of reach of children.
  • Headcount sheet is done every one hour.

All children are supervised by adults at all times and will normally be within sight of an adult. A register of both adults and children is completed as people arrive so that a complete record of all those present is available in any emergency. Visitors, volunteers and students at the setting will be vetted for suitability and supervised by a member of staff at all times. All adults are aware of the system(s) in operation for children’s arrivals and departures and an adult will be at the door during these periods. Children will leave the group only with authorised adults.

Outings can be beneficial to enhance children’s understanding and enjoyment of the curriculum, and to involve them in the wider local community. Safety, practicality and financial implications are always taken into account and the children’s families are normally encouraged to join their children on these outings. The adult: child ratio is always at least one to four on all outings. We aim to keep them safe at all times whilst on outings


  • We will obtain written parental permission for all routine and special outings.
  • When staff are walking with children, one of the staff members will be at the front, then the children follow in pairs holding hands and one of the staff will be at the back. This way we can keep track of the children at all times.
  • When using a bus, we wait on the pavement back from the kerb and children are not permitted to get on or off the bus until it has stopped moving.
  • We always carry a mobile phone which is charged and has credit on it and parent/carer’s contact numbers in the phone book. We also carry with us the contact details of our emergency back-up who will be able to collect the child.
  • A first aider is always to be present and the first aid bag taken along with any additional medication needed by individual children  The children are to be equipped with appropriate weather gear
  • The children are counted and marked in the register before setting off and counting must be ongoing at regular intervals throughout the outing. If the group is broken up into sub-groups a designated person in charge must be assigned and that person is responsible for counting the children at regular intervals.
  • Toilet facilities must be provided for the children at regular intervals, or nappy changes (having taken appropriate supplies)
  • Drinks should be offered if the weather is warm or if energetic exercise is part of the day.
  • We aim to keep all children within sight or hearing at all times to prevent them becoming lost. In the unlikely event of a child becoming lost, we will follow our lost child policy.

Written risk assessment

Outings involving Morning Glory children and staff are normally undertaken after a risk assessment has been completed. Outings to new places will always require a written risk assessment, however regular outings which have previously been successfully completed will be verbally re-assessed by senior staff. Parents are notified of outings in good time and give written permission for their child to go on the outing. Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns they may have about an outing with the staff, children do not have to attend outings if parents prefer them not to.