Before your child begins their first day at the pre-school, parents/carers will be given the opportunity to come in and get a feel of the environment before their official start date. It is recommended that the settling in period should take place over three days in order for the child to form a bond with their peers and the key workers.The ‘settling in’ period does not incur an extra fee and if deemed necessary this may be extended if key workers feel the child needs more time to settle. The settling in period consists of the following: The first visit normally lasts for one hour, where the parent stays with the child and helps settle in. The second visit is for two hours where the parent leaves the child alone for an hour in the pre-school to see if the child is comfortable in their surroundings without the presence of their parent/carer.Once the settling in days are over, and the key workers feel that the child has settled in well, then he/she is welcomed to start straight away. As part of the admission process and the commitment to partnership with parents they will be given an agreement form to sign stating the care that the pre-school provides as well the pre-school expectations of the parents/carers. Pre-school sessions are offered as follows: 8.30am -11.30am, Monday to Friday, with extra sessions running from 11.30 – 1.30 every day (excluding Wednesdays). Once a place has been offered and accepted, the agreed start date must stand. In exceptional circumstances the manager may agree to extend the start date by a maximum of two weeks.


When a parent/carer no longer requires a place at Morning Glory Pre-school, he/she must give one month’s notice in writing to the manager.


It is important that there is a record of who is present in case there is a need to evacuate the premises.The pre-school has a register and this is used to record when children arrive and leave. Staff should record when they arrive for their shift by signing in the staff register.

A register with a list of all children and who should be attending for the day will be written in the register. When a child arrives, the time of arrival will be recorded in register and when the child leaves the collection time should be recorded in the register. If a child does not attend a session, this should be recorded with A for an absent or S for sick.

The staff will be responsible for taking a register each day between, 8.30 and 9am. All registers will be used in case of emergency, for this reason it is important that staff indicates if they are in or out during the session.


On arrival at the Pre-school children and parents should be warmly welcomed. All children will be received into the main hall. Any messages from parents should be noted into the diary for the key worker to response to.

Any medication should be collected from the parent and stored in the fridge or the medicine box and the relevant medication form to be completed. Staff should record the time of arrival in the register, parents should be reminded to inform staff of any changes to contact numbers for the day or to the collection arrangements. Staff should allow the child time to say goodbye before encouraging them into the group.

Once the children have arrived, they will be allowed to identify their own name, which is called self-registration and put them into a box. On collection, the parent must be allowed access into the reception and asked to sign their child/ren out, indicating the pick-up time. Staff should pass on any messages they have about the child/ren to the parents and also encourage parents to ask about their child’s or children’s session. The arrival time of the Pre-school will be 8.30am to 9am, after 9am the Pre-school doors will be closed. We recommend parents to arrive before 9am.


If a parent is unable to pick up the child and wants to send somebody, he or she must inform the Pre-school before closing time. Staff taking the message must make sure they have adequate information to confirm the identity of the person who will be collecting the child. This should include their name, brief physical description, estimated time of arrival and a password agreed by the parent. They should advice the person to carry I.D to identify.

Before letting anyone unfamiliar into the reception of Pre-school, staff should check that the person fits all the information details given from the parents. If the staff is uncertain of the person collecting the child or the child is reluctant to go with the person, they should consult the manager who may ask for additional information or decide to contact the parent to clarify the situation. No person under the age of 16 years old will be allowed to collect children from the pre-school. Morning Glory recommends parents to pick up their child/ren on time, when the session ends.


If a child has not been collected by the time the Pre-school is due to close and no message has been received, then efforts must be made to contact the contact persons. All the contact numbers for the children are on the Pre-school mobile phone and in the phone book in the document file. Staff should check that there is no messages stating that the collection arrangements are different are from the normal routine by looking at the register.

If after 30 minutes of closing, it has not been possible to contact either parent or the emergency contact name. If the staff member feels that they need additional advice, they may call the manager or deputy if they are not around on their mobiles.

In cases where the alternative contact had to be contacted, staff should use the additional checks asking some personal details about the family, address, siblings to make sure it’s the right person. In some cases a photograph of contact with the child’s detail

Late collection fee will also be added on depending on the lateness. The late fee will be charged £10 from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. If the Pre-school does not hear from the parent or any of the contacts after 45 minutes of closing, the manager will contact the children social care services or the police. While the staff waits for the arrival of the children social care or the police, we will reassure the child of safety and comfort. We will provide him/her with the favourite toys, fruit and milk.


In very exceptional circumstances, Morning Glory may need to be closed at very short notice due to an unexpected emergency. Such incidents could include:

  • Serious weather conditions (combined with heating system failure).
  • Burst water pipes.
  • Discovery of dangerous structural damage.
  • Fire or bomb scare/explosion.
  • Serious assault on a staff member by the public.
  • Serious accident or illness.

In such circumstances, the manager and staff will ensure that all steps are taken to keep both the children and themselves safe. All staff and children will assemble at the prearranged venue, where a register will be taken. Steps will then be taken to inform parents/carers and to take the necessary actions in relation to the cause of the closure. All children will be supervised until they are safely collected.